Our Mission

One of the most exciting things I have witnessed during my 28 years in Weston has been the increasing number of adults who recognize the value of intelligent physical conditioning. People are learning what the Romans and Greeks knew so very long ago: “ Mens Sana in Corpore Sano”, a healthy soul thrives in a healthy body.

Despite the constant stream of gadgets and fad diets, that saturates the market, more and more people realize that regular exercise, and balanced diet is the only way to sustain independence and health.

What mechanism is more complex, more unpredictable and more challenging to operate than the human body? Our body is built for motion. The collaboration of the neurological system, the bone levers and the muscle attachments is the ultimate testimony to the brilliancy of our physique.

An imbalanced posture, faulty body mechanics, repetitive performance of incorrect movements, lifting of an inappropriate weight, all of these will eventually lead to unnecessary injuries.

Whether it is a high performance athlete, a growing adolescent, a baby boomer, an elderly person or an accident victim, a well functioning human body is a Balanced Body. A properly balanced body heals itself. A correct congruity between physical effort, relaxation and balanced nutrition is the essence of “PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE.”

The difference in age, in gender, in body size and ability must be taken into consideration. The one size fits all approach is extremely counterproductive and risky.

An effective and safe physical conditioning program ought to be based on a thorough and accurate assessment of ones physical ability, taking into consideration all the fitness components: Cardiovascular capacity, Flexibility, Muscular endurance/strength, Posture, Body composition, Balance.

Through extensive evaluation of the personal history and present condition, a customized fitness program is the key to building fitness. Although exercise classes raise activity levels. in-depth instruction of correct motion, proper resistance, posture, diet, and whole-body conditioning will provide the maximum results, without injury.

Many in our community are in the “boomer” age bracket. I see many people who have episodes of what is euphemistically called “boomeritis”. In an attempt to pull their collegiate fitness levels out of the closets on a sunny weekend, they injure themselves. In an effort to shed weight quickly, experimentation with fad diets only weakens their health. Statistically, this age group is most likely to injure themselves through such sporadic effort. However, the good news is that many people who initially come for an injury, learn to progress beyond recovery. With proper guidance and discipline, some of the 50 year olds –are in better shape now than when they were 30-somethings.

The other exciting change I see is in our elderly population. Many of us know older friends or parents whose sense of personal independence is threatened by a sense of physical decline. It has been known for many years, but thankfully it is now percolating into common understanding, that even elderly people, perhaps even in their 80s or 90s can learn to exercise properly, build endurance, and without the use of medication, maintain their personal strength and cognitive abilities. The simple satisfaction of being able to move your own body when and how you want to is available to us throughout our life, if we learn to do it right.

For older people, fitness training does miracles. It changes the quality of life more quickly and tangibly than most other things. There is a tremendous sense of gratification from seeing a 80-year-old man walking on my treadmill. And, for him, the feeling of physical ability was euphoric.

I was always fascinated with human performance and body engineering, even before I understood that it could be the focus of my life’s work. As an adolescent, I was able to identify someone by his body language or posture even if I had last seen him years ago and sometimes in a different country. Growing up in cultures where physical conditioning and performance were not just luxuries but necessities, coupled with my natural ability and curiosity, led me to an academic and professional path in its pursuit.

I have had the good fortune of having been exposed to a variety of learning experiences that have molded my professional views and are the foundation of my professional philosophy. My studies led directly to important work experiences. It gave me great exposure to the full spectrum of areas that deal with physical fitness, movement, injuries, and rehabilitation. I was very privileged to work with very advanced people and gained experience in many different disciplines, including Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts.

The physical fitness market is saturated with a multiplicity of exercise disciplines, such as: Aerobics, Weight Training, Spinning, Yoga, Power Yoga, Pilates, Power Pilates, Circuit Training, Etc. All of these programs have strengths and weaknesses. I favor an approach that incorporates the best and most effective elements of each.

After living in New York City, it was finally time to move to the country with my family and create a fitness and lifestyle management center --- one that would utilize my background and incorporate the philosophy: “A Healthy Soul in A Healthy Body.”

So, I created an inviting and private environment where individuals of vast abilities and a variety of physical challenges could address their specific needs and maximize their potential. From rehabilitation of an injured Varsity soccer player to preparing a high school student for an all state swimming competition to working with a 62 year old suffering from Parkinson’s Disease to getting a musician ready for the next tour…. and this is only Monday afternoon.

The pure satisfaction of being able to move your body how and when you want is physically and spiritually empowering, and it should be available to us throughout our lifetime. I do not believe in quick fix solutions, miracle creams or kick boxing for just anyone. But I do believe with the requisite discipline and professional guidance “not only can you add years to your life, but life to your years".